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Silken Duo Embrace Lavender

Silken Duo Embrace Lavender

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Elevate your daily self-care ritual with the Silken Duo Embrace Lavender set, where serenity meets luxury in a harmonious blend of deep moisturization and the tranquil essence of lavender. This plant-based duo is a homage to the soothing spirit of  lavender, presented in a rich body butter and a lightweight, complementary lotion.

Lavender Body Butter (4oz): Encased in an elegant 4oz jar, our Lavender Body Butter is a velvety haven for your skin. It is meticulously blended to a perfect consistency, where each application feels like a gentle caress of luxury on your skin. Infused with the finest lavender essential oil, known for its calming and restorative properties, our plant-based body butter is not only a guardian of moisture but a sensory journey to the soulful quietude of lavender fields. The rich formula melts into your skin, drenching it in sustained hydration that leaves your body feeling as soft and serene as a petal.

Lavender Lotion (6oz): The soothing journey continues with our 6oz Lavender plant-based Lotion, a lighter but equally indulgent partner to our body butter. This lotion is a whisper of calm for your skin, perfect for moments when you desire a touch of gentle hydration. Its fluid texture caresses your skin, absorbing swiftly to provide comfort and softness without a hint of residue. Imbued with the same timeless scent of lavender, this lotion is an everyday luxury that uplifts your spirits and leaves your skin subtly perfumed with the classic, herbaceous fragrance.

Together, the Silken Duo Embrace Lavender set is an invitation to a peaceful retreat where your skin is deeply nourished and your mind is calmed. Whether you begin your morning with the empowering embrace of the body butter or end your evening with the soothing touch of the lotion, your skin will be enrobed in the delicate, alluring scent of lavender that whispers a lullaby to your senses.

Experience the essence of all-natural, Louisiana-crafted skincare with this exquisite duo, and let the timeless aroma of lavender transport you to a realm of relaxation and pure skin bliss.

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