How it all Began

Lavender Falls is a family owned lavender farm located in Vernon Parish, Louisiana about two hours south of Shreveport, LA.  

The lavender farm had it's beginnings in 2014 when Bonnie talked Kurt into growing 60 lavender plants as a trial.  3 varieties were planted in the fall:  Lavandula Intermedia Grosso, Lavandula Intermedia Provence and Lavandula Stoechas Spanish "Otto Quasti".  

The next Spring we planted 8 varieties with a total of 1200 new lavender plants going into the ground.  Family and friends came out to help us get them all planted.  With the epic rains of 2016, some of our lavender plants didn't survive.  We have plans to add more lavender in the fall of 2016 and spring of 2017.  Our hopes are to have 3000 plants in the ground by the end of 2017.  

As we fell in love with all things lavender, we started researching uses of lavender and wanted to use our lavender to create products that were safe.  We began with our organic insect repellant, Skeeter Guard.  We wanted a Deet-free repellant for our grandbabies and ourselves.  As family and friends asked for more products like Skeeter Guard, we decided to branch out into other bath, beauty, body and home products.  Our goal was and is for our products to be as organic and natural as possible, handcrafted in small batches.  We source our high quality ingredients from all around the world and strive to use these ingredients to make the best products we can to share with others seeking safe alternatives to mainstream products with all kinds of unsafe ingredients.  

My dream when we planted the first lavender plants was to create not only a beautiful place on our farm where myself, our family and friends could enjoy time together but also to build something that we as a family could work together on.  It's truly life changing to see my dream become a reality through our online business.  We appreciate each and every loyal and new customer and thank you for supporting our small woman owned business!