The Evolving Journey of Lavender Falls

Welcome to Lavender Falls, where our love for natural skincare and body care is more than just our mission—it's our personal story. I'm Bonnie, the founder of Lavender Falls, and I'm thrilled to share a little about what drives us and why every product we create is a piece of my heart.

The inspiration for Lavender Falls took root during one of the most poignant times in my life—amid my sister-in-law Brenda's courageous battle with cancer and the joyful arrival of my grandkids, Addison and Audrey. Brenda was not just family; she was a beacon of strength and a fervent believer in the power of nature and holistic living. Her passion for all-natural solutions was contagious, inspiring those around her, including me.

Witnessing her journey, I was deeply moved by how the products we use daily could impact our well-being. Brenda’s struggle underscored the need for pure, safe skincare options that would nourish the body without causing harm. It was in those quiet, intense moments by her side in the hospital and later in hospice care that I promised to create something that aligned with her values—something that could make a difference.

That promise blossomed into reality among the lavender fields of our family farm in Louisiana. Inspired by the enchanting scent and therapeutic qualities of lavender, our products are a tribute to nature’s simplicity and efficacy.

Our Philosophy: Embracing Nature's Gifts At Lavender Falls, we are dedicated to handcrafting skincare that is safe, nurturing, and delightful to use. We only select natural ingredients that meet our high standards of purity and integrity, believing strongly in the positive impact of what we put on our skin.

A New Chapter While the scenery may change, our core mission does not. The transition to new horizons brings exciting opportunities for innovation, allowing us to expand our product line while staying true to our roots in natural wellness.

Our Continued Promise As we move forward, my commitment to you remains unwavering. Lavender Falls will continue to stand for purity, integrity, and sustainability. We’re looking forward to introducing more all-natural products that keep your well-being at heart.

Be Part of Our Journey Choosing Lavender Falls means joining a community that values natural living and conscious crafting. Whether you’re dealing with sensitive skin, looking to reduce your environmental footprint, or seeking a healthier lifestyle, you’re welcome here.

Thank you for your support as we embark on this evolving journey. Brenda’s legacy lives on through each product we create, reminding us of the power of community and nature’s endless gifts. Together, let’s continue to discover and celebrate these gifts.

Welcome to Lavender Falls—welcome to our family.