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REMOVE Oil-Control Cleansing Gel

REMOVE Oil-Control Cleansing Gel

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REMOVE Oil-Control Cleansing Gel a part of the RELUME facial line
Hydrate - Rejuvenate - Indulge

Master the Art of Balanced Skin

Struggling with excessive shine and oiliness? Our Remove Oil-Control Cleansing Gel is a game-changer, offering you an unparalleled fusion of aloe vera, papaya extract, and the zest of lime and grapefruit. Regain your skin's natural balance while indulging in an uplifting sensory experience.

Why Remove Oil-Control Cleansing Gel?

Banish Oil & Shine with Aloe Vera
The cooling properties of aloe vera are your secret weapon against oiliness, giving you a mattified yet hydrated finish.

Skin Renewal with Papaya Extract
Say goodbye to dullness! Papaya's natural enzymes help exfoliate and revitalize your skin, leaving it radiant and fresh.

Invigorating Scent Experience
Elevate your skincare routine with the energizing aromas of lime and grapefruit essential oils, offering a refreshing burst of citrus zing.

Pure, Plant-Based Bliss
Crafted with your well-being in mind, every ingredient is plant-based, aligning perfectly with conscious skincare.

Key Ingredients

  • Aloe Vera: Controls oiliness while hydrating.
  • Papaya Extract: Natural exfoliation for renewed freshness.
  • Lime Essential Oil: Adds a zesty kick for energized skin.
  • Grapefruit Essential Oil: Known for its mood-boosting and purifying properties.

How to Use

  1. Wet Your Face: Begin by splashing your face with warm water.
  2. Apply Gel: Pump a small amount of Remove Oil-Control Cleansing Gel onto your fingertips.
  3. Massage Gently: Smoothly rub the gel onto your face, avoiding eye areas, in circular motions.
  4. Rinse Off: Wash away the gel with warm water.
  5. Pat Dry: Towel-dry your face gently.
  6. Follow-Up: Apply a toner and a moisturizer of your choice for complete skincare.
  7. Frequency: Use morning and evening for optimal results.

Step into the realm of balanced, oil-free beauty with Remove Oil-Control Cleansing Gel. This isn't just skincare—it's your daily ritual for owning your glow without the shine.

Take control of your complexion, bask in freshness, and embody natural beauty with Remove.

For the mindful individual seeking balance in both skin and life, Remove Oil-Control Cleansing Gel is more than a product—it's a commitment to a fresh, confident you.

For best results, follow with our REFRESH Facial Toner, REHYDRATE Facial Moisturizer and REVIVE Eye Treatment. 


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