Favorite Texas Lavender Farms to Visit 2021

Favorite Texas Lavender Farms to Visit 2021

Texas Lavender Farms to Visit 2021


Kurt and I loved visiting this lavender farm located in Gainesville, TX and we actually purchased our first 60 plants from them to test our land before we planted our first main field.  Lavender Ridge Farm is just thirty minutes north of Denton or an hour drive from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

Lavender Ridge is also a wonderful horticultural experience. They have over two acres of lavender planted, a large bearded iris garden, along with growing a variety of herbs, wildflowers, vegetables, and native plants. The height of the blooming season for their lavender is May to July

Lavender Ridge is a cut farm, meaning during season visitors can pick the lavender, herbs, or flowers which adds more fun to the experience as you walk the fields.  Another treat is visiting their adopted and rescued farm animals.  

The Lavender Cafe serves food and beverages, allowing the visitor to sip some lavender lemonade and have snacks while gazing at the lavender fields, providing a wonderful scenic view. The Gift Shop provides a variety of lavender-infused or scented products as well as nature-inspired crafts and wreaths.

Opening day was Friday, March 5 and they will open every Friday-Sunday until December. The farm and gift shop hours are 9-5 and the café 10:30-3:30. They will have a great variety of plants and shrubs throughout the season to choose from in addition to new gifts and products in the gift shop. The pick your own lavender season usually starts the end of May through July - follow them on Facebook for updates and sign up for their newsletter.  


This beautiful lavender farm with it's treehouses was what caused me to quit dreaming about planting lavender and putting my dreams into action.  Treehouses and lavender together was just too much for my mind to handle!  We visited the farm after the flood that destroyed most of their lavender and even though it was not at its peak, we LOVED visiting the farm.  The farm sold a few years ago and the new owners have invested so much into bringing the lavender back and adding so many amazing additions to make your visit even more special.  

Sleep in the trees and walk through a fairy forest at Savannah's Meadow Treehouse Bed and Breakfast nestled in Celeste, Texas. In the midst of the lavender fields, their unique outdoor Wedding Chapel provides an unforgettable and romantic backdrop to the biggest day of your life. During your stay, have a picnic or wander the gardens. Visit with Simon the donkey. Sit by the pond and gander at the ducks and geese. Bring your gear and fish in the well stocked pond. Or find one of their many trails and explore the woods and surrounding nature. Visit their store to buy your fill of lavender essentials and Savannah's Meadow specialities. Check their website and schedule for events.

Savannah's Meadow opens each year on April 1 and goes through November 1.  If you're looking for a unique place to spend a few nights and relax - this is the place to visit.


Located an hour east of Lubbock, Texas, in the small town of Dickens, the Thistle Dew is a lovely farm to visit if you are in the area with over 2,500 lavender plants.  This farm is owned and operated by a hard working West Texas family with a passion for lavender plants and lavender influenced products. Danny, Laurie and their family are such amazing friends to all who want to learn how to grow lavender.  They have been an encouragement for Kurt and I over the years.

The blooming season for the Edelweiss and Grosso lavender they grow is generally mid-May through June.  Be sure to contact the farm to see when they are opening for 2021.  

One of the unique aspects of this multi-generation family business is the store and lavender products they have created. Their culinary spices include the unique Tuscan Taste, which is a delicious blend of lavender and more traditional Italian spices. They have several varieties of lavender inspired teas and a huge selection of bed and body products.

Becker Vineyard and Lavender Farm

Becker Vineyards is located in Stonewall, just 15 minutes east of Fredericksburg on Highway 90. Over 2,000 Spanish lavender plants, lavandula stoechas, have been cultivated on the grounds.  This is one of the easiest lavenders to grow in Louisiana.  To me, they look like little purple pineapples with bunny ears and the oil is great for cleaning products.

The peak blooming season is from mid-April to June, and the weather is perfect for a walk through these beautiful fields. The Beckers have interspersed their lavender with a variety of poppies, sunflowers, and zinnias to help enhance the visual experience for guests.

The Lavender Shop has a large variety of products available, including such unique items are their Culinary Lavender and  Confit of Lavender Flower. And if you like wine, you can sample some great Texas wines while enjoying the lavender.

Get our your calendar and mark some weekends to take a short trip to Texas and visit a farm or two.  Each one of these farms is unique and beautiful and I highly recommend them for a visit.  And if you're lucky enough to book a treehouse at Savannah's Meadow for your visit, you will make some magical memories!   

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