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Pillow Dream

Dream pillows have been used for centuries.  Historically, babies were often given small pillows filled with herbs to help calm them or to ease crying during the bedtime hours. They have also been called sleep or comfort pillows.  

You'll enjoy our dream pillows filled with organic lavender buds & flax seed made from beautiful cotton fabric. 

You can use the small square dream pillows to help children, teens or adults fall asleep at night. Place the dream pillow inside the pillowcase to enjoy the scent of lavender all throughout the night.

Every 2-3 months give the pillow a light twist to release more of the lovely lavender scent.


-Dream pillows help you drift off to sleep naturally. Simply insert a dream pillow inside of your pillow case.

-If using dream pillow with babies, you should place the pillow under the crib sheet to avoid a choking hazard.

-The herbs in the pillow will maintain their scent for years. You may want to store them in plastic bags when you are not using them to maintain the scent longer.

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Customer Reviews

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Wonderful little lavender pillow

Fits perfectly inside your pillowcase to deliver a lovely lavender fragrance to help you fall asleep. Very comforting fragrance, not overwhelming.